Saturday, June 13, 2009


Magic of Yagya : This is the age of 'Kal Yug' (Darkness) where negative cosmic forces are more active causing much unrest and misery not only amongst living beings but even planets and the divine fraternity. With such negativity around man has lost his 'soul' leading to a downword flow of kundalini energy; posing a huge risk to man of falling back in evolution, to a lesser life or maybe even to the animal kingdom. Poverty, Pain, Calamities, Floods, Cyclones, Hurricanes have become a regular and permanent feature accross the globe. Global warming is changing the weather pattern signalling the trend of end of life on this planet. There is an urgent need for man to take control of himself and his planetary home.

Healing through divine 'energy' is the key to our future. Positive energy flowing within our domain will not only eradicate personal misery but also alter the 'minds' of humans who have become blind with ignorance.The negativity spread accross the environment will be countered making radical changes in the current patten. Ancient Vedic scriptures like Rig Veda, Yajur Veda have revealed the secrets of healing through manipulation of 'cosmic energy' by a process called 'YAGYA' , which implements the power of 'sound, thought, intent' (mantra), Nature (fire, water, air, earth) to fecilitate downpour of energy. The vibrations thus caused have the power to change situations, lives, destinies, and everything.

'The Himalayan Ashram of Vedic Astrologers' conduct regular Vedic Yagyas for people, companies and the planet. Every 'Yagya' performed on the surface of Earth is for 'US'.

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