Saturday, June 13, 2009


Mantras are a complete set of words, which is attributed from the Vedas to the Deities or Devas. According to the Puranas, Shastras and Maharishis, Mantra is only way to attain ones desires provided it should be pronounced with complete faith and prescribed methods and rules. In older period, these were used by the Indian Saints in the divine language of Sanskrit. Mantras are considered to be divine rhymes and it protect human from different adverse effects of other evil elements.

Mantras are used in Tantrik Sadhna or rituals, whispered or chanted in different combinations and contexts, setting up patterns of vibrations. One must know its correct pronunciation as well as to understand their meaning. We belong to Hindu mythology and it is believed that God, good health, good fortune and victory over one's enemies can be attained by chanting the right mantra.

Mantra sadhna is very difficult. If during practice some drawbacks remain, it can inflict losses. Guidance of a competent guru is quite necessary to attain success.

Life is a complex combination of incidents and accidents and all our problems are self-created. Reasons of the problems can be checked out from the individual's horoscopes. One's subconscious mind can help to find the solution through meditation and the recitation of mantras.

Mantra must be recited as they are. Any additional alteration in the mantra must be avoided. If recited incorrectly, the power of the mantras is lost and it ceases to have the desired beneficial effect.


  1. Mantras are purifying.Then it helps to purify the body and mind.

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